If you will remember:

I had this account a few months back. Life got severely stressful and I couldn’t emotionally keep up with the life of an escort/sugar baby. 

To be honest, I kind of fell into a career that is desired and wanted by many people. It literally fell onto my lap and I was making good bank. It’s more than enough to live on, however this new career only occupies about 1/4 of my month. 

Because of the ways I have severely grown and matured over the last few months, and the desire for my bank account to be much larger, I am very excited to reintroduce myself back into the escort and sugaring business. 

Some mistakes I made last time that I’m fixing:

- EVERYTHING sugar/escort related is to be completely separate from everything else. Not just a phone for mere escort/sugar interactions, but a whole new computer. Last time I had my account linked up with my iPhone and was very, very lucky to not be found out

- Just be more of a bitch. It makes men want you more and I’ve become someone who sticks to her rules and doesn’t sway. 

- Be organized. This is a job, it’s a career; not a hobby. 

I hope ya’ll will welcome me back, because I’m sure as hell excited to be here. 


The New Escort